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Awareness of Neuromyths, General Knowledge about the Brain, and Evidence-Based Practices Among Pre-Service Teachers, Teachers, and Administrators in PK-12 Education Betts, K., Keiser, L., Lyttle, C.F., Galoyan, T., Schmitz, M.M., Ford, D. (Projected Publication Date, 2023).

Farrell, K. & Murphy, J. (in press). Improving patient safety: Using Bruner’s Theory of Constructivism to develop an innovative root cause analysis virtual simulation for graduate students. Nursing Education Perspectives.

Rasmussen, H. T., Hill, D., Kong, P., Black, E., & Levine, B. (in press). The power of I: Using first-person writing to define and develop the EdD writer. Myers Education Press.


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Lyttle, C.F., Betts, K. (2021) UDL Online Annotated Repository: an online annotated repository for all SoE faculty, Drexel, and the public with examples of Universal Design for Learning resources for use across on-campus, blended, and online courses to support instruction, assessment, feedback, and transfer of learning. (In continuation).


Lyttle, C.F. (April 2021). CASE Endorsement…A Member Benefit that’s of Value to Vendors too! InCASE.


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Date not included / needs more info

2021. Drexel School of Education Doctoral Student Research Briefs Vol. 6 Exploring Entrepreneurial Students’ Perceptions of Online Mindful Creativity Training: A Mixed Methods Case Study. Dr. Melissa Schmitz

Video Interview - Stenhouse Publishing The interview was conducted in partnership with author, Lynne Dorfman, as she completed the book Welcome to Writing Workshop with coauthor Stacey Shubitz. A link is included in chapter one of the book. [Melissa Schmitz]

Lyttle - Invited Editorial Review Board Editor, The Journal of Special Education Leadership (JSEL), Council for Administrators of Special Education (CASE) (2013 – present).

Lyttle, C.F. (1988-present) As a Special Education Hearing Officer, Appeals Review Panel Hearing Officer and PA Mediator, Dr. Lyttle presented at numerous professional conferences and authored over 300 published and unpublished Hearing Officer Decisions, Appellate Panel Decisions, Facilitated IEP/IFSPs Meetings (resulting in numerous finalized IEPs and filed/recorded Mediation Agreements. Although Mediation Agreements and Facilitated IEP/IFSPs are not recorded, selected filed Hearing Officer Decisions and the Appeals Review Panel Decisions are reported and available online, and through the IDELR Reporter, at the following two Website addresses (search Hearing Officer, or Appeal Panel Hearing Officer, or Lyttle):

Lyttle - Invited Book Reviewer: Mason, T. (4/27/2022) Special Education Mentoring Handbook for New Special Educators: Becoming an Inclusive Special Education Professional. Rowman and Littlefield.

Lyttle - Invited White Paper Reviewer: Litzky, B.E, Schmitz, M.M. (2022) Exploring Educators’ Perceptions of Online Mindful Creativity Training: A Mixed Methods Case Study.

Lyttle - Interviewee and contributor to the book chapter, Galib, G. Soaring from the Shoulders of Giants: A Conversation with Two Creativity Trailblazers. To be published in the 2021 Creativity Volume - the 9th in the KIE Creativity Book Series - entitled Celebrating Giants and Trailblazers: A- Z of Who's Who in Creativity Research and Related Fields.

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