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Call For Proposals

ACHE MidAtlantic Conference

2020 Visions for the Future: Enhanced Communication and Technology


April 16 & 17, 2020

The Maritime Institute

Baltimore, Maryland


Disruptive technology continues to trigger shifts in higher education as new technology creates the opportunity for leaders to reconsider standard practices and operational goals. As continuing educators dedicated to providing quality lifelong educational opportunities, the implementation of innovative technology is vital. But what technology is the best fit for your organizational needs?

The ACHE MidAtlantic planning committee invites leaders in continuing education to submit proposals for the 2020 Visions for the Future: Enhanced Communication and Technology conference. Prepare to discuss new trends and advancements in technology, including current systems and alternative new developments.

Topics areas to consider:

  • Disruptive Technology – What new technology is on the horizon for continuing educators? What experiments or other trial methods have you participated in with emerging technology— including successes and failures?  What specific software, CRM, or other technology has led to the finest results for your organization and target audience? Examples of how technology has helped your organization to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and or reduce cost.

  • Buy-In – How do you obtain management buy-in for tech upgrades? Acquiring team buy-in to new technology is not always easy. What techniques do you harness to facilitate and maintain a culture of innovation? Areas can include staff training and professional development opportunities.

  • Missing Technology – With numerous new advancements in technology it may seem that all areas have been researched, tested, and specific technology marketed as the solution. What gaps in technology has your organization noticed? And what systems or best practices have you created to address these challenges?

  • Communication – How are emerging technologies reshaping the idea of communication? How has technology altered the methods in which your organization communicates with stakeholders? Focus on the individual can be lost when utilizing technology for mass communication, in what ways do you use technology to individualize internal and external communication?  

  • Shopping Technology – Before you purchased your current workplace technology what advice or prior research did you wish you had known?

To submit your proposal, please send the information below as an email attachment to Mickey Baines at


ACHE Mid-Atlantic 2020 Presentation Proposal




Business email:

Title of Presentation:

Abstract of Presentation (please limit to 300 words max):


Please direct questions to:  Mickey Baines at



Please note that presenters must register and submit their registration fee prior to the start of the conference.

Conference & Potential Funding

IMBES is very excited to announce funding for teachers and education professionals to attend the 2020 IMBES/EARLI Sig 22 Conference in Montreal, Canada!


Lead Teacher and Researcher Collaborative

Are you a lead teacher interested in learning more about the latest science on mind, brain, and education to share with educators in your community?  The International Mind Brain and Education Society (IMBES) wishes to bring together educators and researchers at the biennial conference.  By connecting researchers and teacher leaders, our goal is to foster conversations to promote research that aligns with the needs to educators, develop a shared understanding of the implications of research, and create tools for sharing this research with education professionals.

With the support of the National Science Foundation, IMBES is pleased to offer lead teacher conference subsidies. Subsidies will help cover the conference and membership fees and travel costs of lead teachers wishing to attend the biennial IMBES conference, to be held June 18-20, 2020 at the Hôtel Delta Montréal by Marriott in Montreal, Canada.

More information regarding the conference, including the schedule and line up of keynote speakers, is available here.

IMBES will provide conference registration and a 1-year membership for awardees. In addition, awardees will receive $1,200 to put toward travel costs, including transportation and hotel stay.

Who is eligible?

Eligible applicants include lead teachers and education professionals in the United States.  Educators at all grade levels (preK-12) and in all subject domains are welcome to apply! 


How can I apply?

Applications will open on March 7th and are due by Monday, April 20th.

Applicants are asked to submit their resume and a 300-word maximum statement of interest to with the subject line "Teacher-Educator Conference Application".

Applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of IMBES board members, and attendees will be notified no later than May 1st.

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