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Neuromyths: Awareness, Predictors, And Using Mind-Brain-Education (MBE) Science To Design And Teach For Student Success. (Betts, K., Miller, M., & Delaney, B.). Online Learning Consortium Accelerate Conference, November 2020

Working Smarter: Examining Content, Assessment & Cognitive Load (Betts, K. & Kemery, D.). EDUCAUSE,
October 2020

Increasing Student Success through Metacognition, Assessment and Multi-Modality Feedback (Betts, K., & Fourie, M.). Drexel University Assessment Conference, September 2020

Design and Implementation of Immersive Virtual Reality Tasks for Enhancing Spatial Visualization, Transfer of Learning, and Student Retention in STEM. (Delaney, B., Galoyan, T., & Betts, K.). SITE Conference, Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, April 2020


Invited Presentations

Transformation Teaching & Learning: Increasing Student Success Across All Formats. (Betts, K.). 74th Annual Conference, Texas Community College Teachers Association, February 2021, Keynote

Facing the “New Normal”: How Science Can Help Educators Meet the Needs of All Learners (Betts, K.). Pennsylvania Council for Exceptional Children Conference, October 2020, Keynote.

Research & Awareness: An International Investigation into Neuromyths and Evidence-Based Practice in Higher Education (Betts, K.). Alan, Nadeen, James Kaufman Research Symposium Presenter. KIE Conference, Madrid, Spain, July 2020. Keynote.

Transformative Teaching and Learning to Support Metacognition and Real-World Transfer (Betts, K.), Caldwell University, Caldwell, NJ, July 2020, Invited Speaker.

Upcoming Conferences

Galoyan, T., Betts, K., Delaney, B., & Fourie, M. (Apr 9-12, 2021). Exploring Effective Online Pedagogical Practices for Enhancing Transfer of Learning, Annual Meeting of American  Educational Research Association Conference, Virtual.


Delaney, B., Betts, K., & Galoyan, T. (Apr 9-12, 2021). Instructional Designer Awareness of Evidence-Based Practices: An International Comparative Study, Annual Meeting of American Educational Research Association Conference, Virtual.

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