Recent Research Studies

Betts, K., Miller, M., Tokuhama-Espinosa, T., Shewokis, P., Anderson, A., Borja, C., Galoyan, T., Delaney, B., Eigenauer, J., & Dekker, S. (2019, October). International report: Neuromyths and evidence-based practices in higher education. Online Learning Consortium: Newburyport, MA.

Current Research Studies

Title: An Examination of the Effects of Hands-On and Immersive Virtual Reality Manipulative Interventions on Spatial Visualization, Transfer of Learning, and Student Retention ​

Focus: To determine the efficacy of hands-on and Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) training on enhancing student learning and spatial visualization ability. A second objective is to investigate the neural mechanisms involved in these learning approaches using fNIR measurements. Overall, this study seeks to advance the understanding of how biomedical engineering students learn and to develop technology-rich learning environments with pedagogy that foster learning transfer and academic persistence. This study will conclude in 2020.

Title: A Longitudinal Investigation into Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Factors that Influence Retention and Completion for Students Enrolled in Postbaccalaureate Degree Programs in the School of Education at Drexel University

Focus: To examine cognitive and non-cognitive factors that influence student retention and completion for students enrolled in online, blended, and on-campus postbaccalaureate degree programs in the School of Education at Drexel University by cohort from point of enrollment to graduation. This study will conclude in 2022.

Title: Exploring the Effects of an Open Access Mindfulness Course on Online Graduate Student Persistence, Stress, and Mind Wandering

Focus: To examine how enrolling in an open access mindfulness course may affect student self-perceived persistence stress, and mind wandering. Additionally, to look at how this type of mindfulness intervention may affect student retention and completion. This study will conclude in 2021.