Education, Learning and Brain Sciences

Research Collaborative

School of Education, Drexel University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA



E-LaBS brings together interdisciplinary faculty, researchers, administrators, and students from across Drexel University and higher education institutions worldwide who are committed to teaching and learning through innovative pedagogical and andragogical approaches that support lifelong and lifewide learning across dynamic educational and training environments.


Recent Publications

Betts, K., Delaney, B., Galoyan, T., & Lynch, B. (2021). historical review of distance and online education from 1700s to 2021 in the United States: Instructional design and pivotal pedagogy in higher education. Journal of Online Learning Research and Practice.  PDF Copy of the Article

Galoyan, T. & Betts, K. (2021). Integrative transfer of learning model and implications for higher education. The Journal of
Continuing Higher Education.


Galoyan, T., Betts, K., Abramian, H., Reddy, P., Izzetoglu, K., & Shewokis, P.A. (2021) Examining mental workload in a spatial navigation transfer game via functional near infrared spectroscopy. Brain Science, 11(45).


Delaney, B., & Betts, K. (2020). Training and supporting of journalism faculty to teach online: A multiple case study  Journalism Practice.

Lyttle, C., & Betts, K, (Eds.). (2020). Research to practice: Urban special education leaders for tomorrow. Drexel University.

Research Projects & Initiatives

E-LaBS is engaged in diverse research projects within the School of Education, across Drexel University, and with national/international organizations. 


Learn more about the research projects and initiatives being led by team members and affiliates through About and Research Studies & Initiatives.




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