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About E-LaBS

E-LaBS brings together interdisciplinary faculty, researchers, administrators, and students from across Drexel University and higher education institutions worldwide who are committed to teaching and learning through innovative pedagogical and andragogical approaches that support lifelong and lifewide learning across dynamic educational and training environments.


Research & Initiatives

Research Projects & Initiatives

E-LaBS is engaged in diverse research projects within the School of Education, across Drexel University, and with national/international organizations. 


Current Research IRB Approved Studies

Evidence-Based Practices, Professional Development & Studying, International

  • Higher Education: Instructors, Instructional Designers, Professional Development Administrators

  • Higher Education: Undergraduate & Graduate Students

  • Higher Education: Academic Advisors & Academic Support Service Personnel

  • PK-12: Pre-Service Teachers, Teachers & Administators

  • PK-20 & Sport-Related Organizations: Coaches


Spatial Visualization, fNIRS Brain Imaging & Transfer of Learning, Biomedical Engineering

5-Year Longitudinal, Non-Cognitive Factors Related to Student Retention, Biomedical Engineering

5-Year Longitudinal, Open-Access Courses, Transfer of Learning & Student Completion, Education

Research Associates & Affiliates

E-LaBS invites researchers, faculty, teachers, instructional designers to become part of the E-LaBS Research Consortium.

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