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Mind, Brain and Education

Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) science is a trans-disciplinary field that "unifies research from psychology, neuroscience, and pedagogy to enhance human teaching and learning process using transdisciplinary research (Hinton, Fischer & Glennon, 2012; as cited in Tokuhama-Espinosa, 2017)", as seen in the graph on the left. 

Mind, Brain and Education Science


Research & Organizations 



  • Kurt Fischer: Professor of Education: Founder of the Mind, Brain, and Education Program at Harvard University MBE science, pioneer in MBE science

  • Mary Helen Immordino-Yang: Neuroscientist and psychologist, research focus on social and emotional learning

  • Antonio Damasio​: Neuroscientist, research focus on neuroscience, decision making, consciousness, and emotions

  • Judy Willis: A board-certified neurologist and a classroom teacher, her research focuses on the neuroscience of learning

  • Mariale Hardiman: Professor and Director of JHP's Neuro-Education Initiative, research focus on brain targeted teaching​

  • Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa: Professor of Psychology, research focus on MBE science, neuromyths and evidence-based practices 

  • Michelle Miller: Professor of Psychological Sciences, research focus on memory, attention and student success 

  • John Hattie: Professor of Education, known for feedback and visible learning

  • Paul Howard Jones: Professor of Neuroscience and Education, known for neuroscience with educational theory 

  • Angela Duckworth: Professor of Psychology, known for research on growth grit

  • Carol Dweck: Professor of Psychology, known for research on mindset

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