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Research Showcase

Spring 2020
Poster Research Showcase
Mind, Brain and Education

Poster presenters with topics provided in section below.

School of Education students and alumni will share Poster Presentations both on campus and online focused on research related to Mind, Brain, and Education science.

The E-LaBS Open House & MBE Research Showcase is a student-led event that includes technology and research demonstrations as well as Poster Presentations related to MBE science.


Listed below are10-minute lightning round presentations and demonstrations that will be offered concurrently throughout the Open House. Come and learn more about the innovative research being led by E-LaBS members and partners.


MBE Research Showcase Committee


Brian Delaney, PhD Candidate  l  Kate Yiyun Fan, PhD Student l   Madison Betts, Undergraduate Student



For any questions about the MBE Open House or Research Showcase, please contact Dr. Kristen Betts at or 912-257-8336. E-LaBS website:

Spring 2020

Lightning Round

Presentations & Demonstrations

Lightning round 15-minute presentations and demonstrations will be offered

concurrently throughout the Open House.

fNIRS Brain Imaging: Dr. Kurtulus Izzetoglu, College of Biomedical Engineering, will share a presentation and demonstration on brain imaging and provide critical insight into how brain imaging can be used to inform pedagogy, training, and assessment. Dr. Tamara Galoyan will share her dissertation research in which she used fNIRS and gaming to examine transfer of learning. Zoom:


Virtual Reality: Dr. Arun Ramakrishnan, College of Nursing & Health Professions, will engage attendees in using VR with course-related scenarios. Learn how VR can be used to engage students in real-world scenarios to support learning.


Augmented Reality: Attendees can test out different AR applications for K-12 and higher education related to math, science, human anatomy, Engineering, and more. Learn how AR can be used to enhance and expand STEM curriculum.


Creativity Assessment: Dr. Larry Keiser, School of Education, will provide a presentation on the need/use of creativity in school and corporate worlds. Participants will complete an electronic creativity self-assessment using a phone app to identify their personal creative strengths. Dr. Keiser will also discuss the School’s MS in Creativity & Innovation program.


MBE & Neuromyths Presentation: Dr. Kristen Betts, School of Education, will provide a presentation on MBE science and share research from an international study focused on neuromyths and evidence-based practices in higher education that included 45 countries with instructors, instructional designers, and professional development administrators. Dr. Betts will also discuss the new Mind, Brain, and Learning concentration, graduate minor, and certificate.


Note: Presenters include interdisciplinary researchers and faculty from across Drexel University who are committed to teaching and learning through innovative pedagogical and andragogical approaches that support lifelong/lifewide learning across dynamic educational and training environments.

Poster Title: Exploring Undergraduate Management Student Perceptions of Mindfulness at a College of Technology: A Mixed Methods Study

Presenter: Summer Bukeavich

Affiliation: EdD Student

Presentation: Online

Poster Title: A Phenomenological Approach to Pennsylvania Educators’ Perceptions of Professional Development in Adult ESL Distance Learning.

Presenter: Kimberly Ann Chernesky

Affiliation: Current EdD Student 

Presentation: Online


Poster Title: An Examination of the Effects Immersive Virtual Reality Manipulative Interventions on Spatial Visualization, Transfer of Learning, and Student Retention

Presenter: Brian Delaney

Affiliation: PhD Candidate

Presentation: Onsite


Poster Title: A Phenomenological Study: Exploring High School Students' Experiences Earning an Entrepreneurship Diploma

Presenter: Christine Galib

Affiliation: EdD Alumna

Presentation: Online

Poster Title: Performance and Mental Load Assessment in a Spatial Navigation Transfer Game

Presenter: Tamara Galoyan, PhD

Affiliation: PhD Alumna

Presentation: Onsite

Poster Title: The Impact of an Open Access Mindfulness Course on Online Graduate Student Persistence, Stress, and Mind Wandering

Presenter: Jackie Murphy

Affiliation: EdD Alumna

Presentation: Onsite

Poster Title: Evaluating the Impact of Economic Disadvantage on Specific Learning Disability Identification in Elementary School Students: A Grounded Theory Study

Presenter: Angel Shelley-Royal, Ed.D.

Affiliation: EdD Alumna

Presentation: Online

Poster Title: Nonprofit Organizational Members’ Perceptions of Mindful Creativity Training: A Phenomenological Study

Presenter: Melissa M. Schmitz

Affiliation: EdD Student

Presentation: Onsite

Poster Title: Executive Function Professional Development: A Curriculum Review

Presenter: Dr. Danielle Thompson

Affiliation: EdD Alumna

Presentation: Online

Mind, Brain and Education: Poster Presentations

Spring 2020

Education, Learning and Brain Sciences
(E-LaBS) Research Collaborative

Look for Dates in Fall 2021

School of Education

3401 Market Street  Third Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19104

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